HYGENIQ stimulates 'greener and safer' cleaning based on innovative eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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HYGENIQ was founded in 2012 by Marcel in het Veld. After a 10-year career in the family business with core activities in the field of cleaning and facility management services, Marcel took over a trading company from the family business in 2009 and turned it into an independent company. In 2012, driven by his ambition to stop the use of non-renewable, harmful and toxic cleaning substances by developing safe and eco-friendly solutions, Marcel purchased a production facility including laboratory and founded HYGENIQ.


Worldwide, the B2B sector uses around 25 million kilos of toxic and poorly degradable cleaning materials per day. Every year, these chemicals pollute approximately 182.5 billion liters of clean drinking water. Part of it can be purified but 30% of the polluted water ends up in surface water. Traditional chemical cleaners are not only bad for the environment but in some cases also cause diseases and other health problems.

HYGENIQ develops and produces eco-friendly and safe cleaning products and sells these to the B2B market. Thanks to a clever combination of green raw materials and unique technologies developed in-house, HYGENIQ's cleaners are 'greener' than most other eco-friendly cleaning products on the market.


Since its establishment, HYGENIQ has already sold a considerable number of products to many well-known companies. Organizations such as KLM, Bosch, Hanos and Center Parcs use these products on a daily basis and are therefore pioneers in the field of sustainability.


HYGENIQ already has a good market position in the Netherlands. HYGENIQ's ambition is to also supply its products internationally. Since HYGENIQ's cleaning products meet the high demands of the B2B cleaning market, they are also suitable for introduction into the consumer segment. The investment from KIKK Capital (and Oost NL) will enable HYGENIQ to accelerate its growth.

Why KIKK capital?

Marcel in het Veld, CEO: “We have made a fairly extensive inventory of our financial options to achieve our growth ambitions. We selected KIKK Capital because they endorsed our objectives - an international ambition in the B2B market and responding to the demand for our products in the B2C market. In addition, there was an immediate connection, and we experienced a proactive and positive hands-on approach during the process."

Added value of KIKK CAPITAL

Marcel: “The experience and network of the management and the various stakeholders is interesting for the proposition of HYGENIQ. We are always looking for a win-win in partnerships and expect to benefit enormously from our choice of KIKK Capital."


We want eco-friendly and safe products to become mainstream instead of the harmful and toxic substances that are still the best-selling cleaning solutions today.
— Marcel in het Veld