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Inno4Life develops and produces innovative production resources for the Life Sciences sector. The production resources enable the existing production process to be improved, to become more cost-efficient, or to comply with the new requirements as imposed by the changing legislation.

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Johan Klootwijk (right) and his business partner Wouter Hutzezon (left) joined forces by establishing Inno4Life. 


Inno4Life is specialized in complex, customer-specific 'engineering-to-order' projects for primarily the Life Sciences sector, for example the human & veterinary pharmacy and medical and clinical instruments.

From a 'blank' sheet of paper Inno4Life delivers fit-for-purpose innovative solutions.  Relying upon the combination of many years of experience and skills in managing large-scale international projects, Inno4Life offers a complete package of solutions in equipment & support, system integration, system optimisation and expert advice. They are committed to deploy their knowledge and take initiative in delivering market-leading innovative solutions to help overcome the challenges that their customers face.


Inno4Life has a well-known international customer base and has built a solid network of a selected group of strong partners. Their knowledge is deeply rooted in the pharmaceutical industry, in the field of automated aseptic processes, and the corresponding (packaging) machines. Using this background, Inno4Life offers tailor-made solutions. The specific market knowledge of the Inno4Life experts helps satisfy their customers by safeguarding the quality of their products, complying with regulations, and optimising processes.


Since the establishment in 2010, the number of orders has increased significantly. Due to the fast growth of the company, they are continuously looking for qualified staff to support the comprehensive large projects from multinationals in the pharmaceutical sector. They have confidence in the future and invest heavily in recruitment and training of classified staff.



It is the goal to be an internationally recognised, automated integration equipment supplier by delivering innovative and highly customised solutions, exceptional customer service, and value for money.


Based in Breda, a team of expert engineers with extensive experience in large international projects are active with the development of new innovations. Besides the development and operational disciplines within the organization, other team members are dedicated to marketing, sales, human resources and finance tasks.

Why KIKK capital?

Johan: "with the investment of capital and knowledge of KIKK Capital (fund: ZIF) we are able to hire qualified staff, expand facilities, grow our network and business, and enter new regions”.

Added value of KIKK CAPITAL

Wouter: "the active cooperation, expertise and knowledge of KIKK Capital enables us to expand and strengthen our market position in highly regulated industries".


“The active cooperation, expertise and knowledge of KIKK Capital enables us to expand and strengthen our market position in highly regulated industries”.
— Wouter Hutzezon