LIQAL is a young and innovative company that has set itself the goal of lowering the bar for the use of alternative, environmentally friendly fuels

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LIQAL was founded by Jorg Raven in March 2014. In his earlier professional career he has been responsible for LNG market and technology development in several positions. When his former employer discontinued their LNG activities due to a policy change, Jorg decided to take up the challenge and started LIQAL. 


In 2050, the world’s human population will have doubled. As a consequence, global energy demand will roughly double as well in the same period. At the same time, the negative effects of global energy production & consumption dictate the use of ever cleaner energy sources. Right now, that cleaner energy is starting to find its way to customers in all sectors and will transform the energy system in the coming decades.

New and current players in the energy sector are expected to significantly invest in small scale LNG and hydrogen infrastructure, to secure part of the market and secure future revenue streams.

LIQAL designs and builds infrastructural solutions to distribute both LNG and H2 to cars, trucks, ships and industry, generally referred to as ‘small scale LNG’ and ‘automotive H2’. They deliver turnkey high quality gas systems, such as fueling stations for road transport and bunker terminals to fuel ships. LIQAL’s mission is to become the supplier of choice in Europe for small scale LNG and Hydrogen (H2) infrastructure. Given the transformation of the energy sector, LIQAL is well positioned to realize its goals. 


Since its establishment, LIQAL has already performed various assignments for renowned customers (including Shell, Engie, Argos, etc). With the delivery of the LNG station in Heerenveen and the construction of the LNG station in Alkmaar and Lokeren (Belgium), it is clear that the market has confidence in LIQAL's LNG solutions. The investment of KIKK Capital and BOM (Brabant Development Agency) will allow LIQAL to continue to grow both in the Netherlands and abroad.


The mission of LIQAL is to reduce the threshold for the use of alternative, environmentally friendly fuels in the transport sector and become the supplier of choice for small scale LNG and Hydrogen systems. It does this by building innovative designs of, for example, hydrogen stations and LNG gas stations.

Why KIKK capital?

Jorg: "KIKK Capital is close to the entrepreneur. They can take LIQAL a big step forward with ‘advice and action’ and a relevant network.”

Added value of KIKK CAPITAL

Jorg: "Through the participation of KIKK Capital (and BOM), LIQAL is able to invest in organizational growth (attracting more personnel), product development and international expansion."   


We want clean, gaseous fuels to become mainstream instead of diesel in the heavy road and water transport sector.
— Jorg Raven