LIQAL and TSG join forces in LNG fuelling technology

LIQAL and Technical Services Group (TSG) have signed a partnership for the reselling and servicing of dispensers and fuelling systems for LNG.

TSG, formerly known as Tokheim Solutions, is the distributor of Tokheim fuelling technology and is the “market leader” in delivery and maintenance of fuelling installations for the traditional fuels.

LIQAL is a supplier specialised in the design, engineering, production and delivery of complete fuelling installations for LNG and hydrogen (H2). Several international LNG station operators already work with a LIQAL fuelling system, foreseen with LIQAL LNG fuel dispensers.

Both parties combine their experience and know-how in order to increase their reach and technology offering, and to be able to offer customers optimal all-in solutions. 

Jorg Raven, CEO of LIQAL, said, “We are very happy with this partnership. TSG has a leading position in the fuel market and an excellent covering network of service specialists that offer 24/7 availability. Also their quality and safety objectives correspond to our brand and what we stand for. This partnership enables us to provide the users of our technology in different countries with quality aftercare.” 

TSG Netherlands’ Managing Director, Mario Boere, added, “Via this partnership we can, aside from our current technology and services for the more traditional fuels, give substance to the growing and promising market for LNG with the innovative and high quality systems of LIQAL. 

A press release reinforced, “Due to the benefits on both an ecological and an economical level, the adoption of the transport fuel LNG has increased rapidly. Now that several renowned truck suppliers such as Volvo, Scania and Iveco deliver ex-factory trucks, more transporters choose for this fuel. Thanks to the brand-new cooperation between LIQAL and TSG, both current LNG station operators as well as the service station owners that are considering LNG, are now guaranteed a future-proof technology and a reliable operation.”

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Mimetas receives second Innovation Credit

Mimetas has received a second Innovation Credit of 2 million euro during the visit of the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK). Mimetas uses this support for the further development of personalized medicine: for example a tool that helps the oncologist in choosing the most effective treatment of different cancers. Such a tool will save the health care sector costs and the patient will have fewer side effects of ineffective treatment.

Partly thanks to the government support through the Eurostar program and the Innovation Credit, the company grew from 2 to over 50 employees. Mimetas also opened a branch in the US and the company entered into a new partnership with Japan. Co-director Jos Joore: “Medical innovations such as Mimetas are not possible without support of the government.” 

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Investment in Tractus3D, a company that develops 3D printers.

KIKK Capital and OOST NL have invested in Tractus3D, a Dutch company that develops 3D printers.

3D printers are gradually being used by an increasing numbers of companies to develop products and prototypes;  by doing this, they not only save a lot of time and money but they also have more design flexibility. In the coming years, 3D printing will play an even more prominent role in the production chain.

Tractus3D differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a good price/quality ratio and a unique range of products. For instance, they offer printers with an enormous print volume of up to 210 centimeters in height and also have a printer that can print with extraordinary materials such as PEEK and PEI.

Another unique feature is that the printers of Tractus3D are built modularly; because of this, they are able to offer a service level agreement with their products enabling customers to upgrade to the latest version. With a technology that is developing fast this is a big advantage, as their customers are always assured of the most up to date system.

CEO Ben Schilperoort: “By being a leader in the delivery of innovative solutions in combination with exceptional customer service, we are able to offer our customers the best service. With the expertise and the capital of the investors, we can proceed with our ambitious plans and realize our international growth ambitions.”

Johan Sebregts of KIKK Capital: “Tractus3D differentiates itself on many grounds from its competitors. In Tractus3D, we have found a company that fits our ideal image.” Colleague Patrick Lems adds: “Tractus3D has a continuous urge to renew itself and keeps a close watch over the market. This, in combination with a product that has proven itself since its introduction on the market, fills us with confidence that Tractus3D has a long and fruitful future ahead of itself.

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Office Tractus3D
Founders Tractus3D

Mimetas has been interviewed about a new fund

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-28 om 16.41.08.png

The Dutch government and the European Investment Bank have set up a new fund to help fast-growing, young companies fulfill their enormous potential and provide them with the necessary capital. Paul Vulto of Mimetas has been interviewed as Mimetas is a good example of such a company.

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LIQAL obtains patent for LNG dispenser technology

LIQAL, turnkey supplier of small-scale LNG and hydrogen (fuelling) installations, obtained a patent for a unique feature that is included in its dispenser for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

The LNG fuel dispensers, designed and produced by LIQAL, comply with all standards to sell LNG as transport fuel including the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and are fully certified to operate on the European market.

A patent has been obtained for the nozzle docking bay, which is integrated in LIQAL’s latest dispenser line. This docking bay is heated and purged in order to ensure tension-free connection and de-coupling of the nozzles to and from LNG-powered vehicles, as well as long life of nozzle seals and hoses.

The latest LIQAL dispenser has been implemented at the forecourt of various LNG station operators across North-West Europe who are convinced of its benefits compared to traditional dispensing- and docking devices.

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Inno4Life receives funding for serialization in pharmacy and international growth

Inno4Life, machine building company in the life science industries, will receive an investment from the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Holland Venture, TIIN Capital and the Zeeuws Investment Fund. Inno4Life uses the investment for the development of serialization equipment solutions in packaging machines for medicines and to accelerate the international growth of the company.
Inno4Life provides integrated tailor-made solutions and machines that meet the ever changing needs within the Life Sciences sector, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The machines and automation solutions from Inno4Life include packaging processes for track & tracing of medicines. Inno4Life develops and builds machines for the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The organization offers solutions to companies in various areas e.g. automated filling systems, loading systems and fits robot and vision technology. 
The pharmaceutical industry is continuously changing as a result of mergers or reorganizations. The level of automation intensifies, prices are under pressure and legislation is getting stricter. Johan Klootwijk, CEO Inno4Life: "Innovations in production processes are necessary for pharmaceutical companies. Companies have to comply with increasingly strict legislation and at the same time produce more efficiently and more effectively than competitors. Partly because of these developments, it is essential that specialist suppliers innovate continuously."
Innovation by new legislation

In 2019 all packages of prescription medicines need to be provided with a unique code. Pharmaceutical manufacturers print these unique codes on the packaging. Pharmacists scan this unique code to determine the authenticity of the medicine before they give it to patients. Inno4Life provides expertise and solutions for pharmaceutical companies to meet this new legislation. 
"Our ambition is to increase our reputation as an international supplier of automated production equipment," continues Klootwijk. "By leading the way in providing customer specific, innovative solutions with exceptional customer service, we offer our customers the best possible service. With the knowledge and the capital of these investors we can pursue our international growth ambitions. "

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KIKK Capital invests in LIQAL

KIKK Capital and BOM (Brabant Development Agency) have invested in LIQAL, a Dutch company that builds LNG and hydrogen fuelling stations for the transport sector. 

LIQAL’s technology makes LNG (liquefied natural gas) more attractive as a replacement for diesel fuel in the heavy road and water transport sector. The use of hydrogen and LNG contributes to improved air quality, is better for the climate and provides financial benefits to transport companies.

The investment will allow LIQAL to continue to grow both in the Netherlands and abroad. In the immediate future, the company intends to recruit additional personnel, some of whom will be engaged to head new projects. LIQAL also intends to use the capital to boost innovation and strengthen its financial stability.

“We want clean, gaseous fuels to become mainstream instead of diesel in the heavy road and water transport sector,” says LIQAL CEO Jorg Raven. “That’s what you see happening right now. We’re proud that KIKK Capital and BOM are showing their confidence with this investment, which will allow us to contribute to a cleaner transport sector.” 

“LIQAL is playing into a trend that actually started to emerge quite some time ago. The market for LNG is really just on the verge of maturing,” says Johan Sebregts. His colleague Patrick Lems adds: “LIQAL is a young, driven company with an innovative technology that is already being used by some industry-leading parties. That’s great to see.”

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Soteria Medical on Bright TV

Soteria on bright TV

Merijn from Bright TV visits Soteria Medical in Arnhem to learn more about the company and new approach to perform MRI guided interventions by utilizing a robotic device.

oteria Medical BV’s goal is to improve MR-guided biopsies (MRgBx) of the prostate. They have developed a unique new system for MR-guided interventions - based on a novel, patented motor principle. They are are enabling the Physician to perform a targeted prostate biopsy – using the best possible imaging modality with the same image quality for diagnostic imaging and biopsy guidance – to further improve prostate cancer diagnosis. The unique robot makes it able to detect and target the most aggressive part of the lesions and therefore improved and accurate MRgBx will help advance diagnostic results, followed by the best possible treatment for the patient.

DOVIDEQ medical can make keyhole surgeries with endoscopes even safer by means of light cable tester

Partly thanks to the investment of PPM Oost, Deventer company is able to save on healthcare expenses in hospitals worldwide by means of ScopeControl and GuideControl

DOVIDEQ medical can now make keyhole surgeries with rigid endoscopes even safer for patients and save on healthcare expenses. In addition to the ScopeControl to inspect endoscopes, the Deventer company has now developed the GuideControl to test the accompanying light cables for possible flaws. Together with the Zeeuwse InvesteringsFonds, participation company PPM Oost invests in DOVIDEQ to sell both innovations internationally to more hospitals. 

Both test devices can be used by hospitals in the central sterile services department (CSSD). Here, all the instruments are cleaned, inspected and sterilised after surgery before the next use. The ScopeControl is the only test device in the world that inspects the optical quality of endoscopes for image clarity, colouration, light transmittance and viewing angles. The ScopeControl also tests for flaws, residual moisture and broken lenses. The GuideControl quickly and easily checks whether the light cables for the endoscopes still function properly. Without the ScopeControl and GuideControl, surgeons often only discover during surgery that the endoscope doesn't function properly.

Stopping surgeries

Failure of endoscopes leads to surgeries having to be stopped. 'Surgeons and hospitals would like to prevent that,' Bert Dommerholt, director'/owner of Dovideq, says. 'If an endoscope or light cable needs to be replaced, this results in extra costs on the one hand. Additionally, this brings risks for the patient. In acute situations, a surgeon is sometimes forced to decide to open up a patient after all, because there is simply no time to wait for a new endoscope. Thanks to the ScopeControl, we can guarantee with a high degree of certainty that the endoscope functions properly. By adding the GuideControl to this, surgeons also know that the light cables are in order.' 

Dommerholt, who has previously worked at Philips Medical, started the development of the ScopeControl in 2009 together with Menno de Braak, after he'd been approached by hospital St Jansdal in Harderwijk to develop a device that could test endoscopes.

Worldwide sale

The ScopeControl has now been available for a few years and is already used in hospitals from the United States to Australia, in small numbers. The GuideControl has only recently been launched, but the interest of hospitals from all over the world is extensive.  

With the investment of PPM Oost and the Zeeuws InvesteringsFonds, DOVIDEQ  can continue the further development of the GuideControl on the one hand. Additionally, the marketing and sales team is expanded to sell both the light cable tester and the ScopeControl. Dommerholt: 'We receive many glowing reviews from surgeons all over the world. However, the sales processes often take long due to the complicated decision-making at hospitals. We also use the financing to get our devices into operating rooms more quickly via rental, for instance. This allows us to truly make a difference for more patients and demonstrably lower the expenses of more hospitals.' 

Standard endoscopes

DOVIDEQ has expanded its service by gathering the measurement data from the ScopeControl and the GuideControl in the cloud and making this available to the hospitals. No standards apply to endoscopes and the optical values are kept secret by the endoscope manufacturers. By gathering the data of new and used endoscopes worldwide, DOVIDEQ expects to be able to set a standard for endoscopes. 

Toxys awarded € 50.000 euro by EIT Health to develop ReproTracker - an in vitro assay for reproductive toxicity

At 21 september Toxys was awarded a €50.000 grant for a head-start project to further develop the ReproTracker. Toxys is dedicated to develop innovative in vitro toxicity assays that provide insight into the mechanisms of toxicity. Toxys’ lead product ToxTracker is a genotoxicity assay that provides mechanistic insight into genotoxicity and is available on the market. Toxys has now applied their knowledge and expertise to validate a novel assay, ReproTracker, which provides mechanistic insight into reproductive toxicity.

About ReproTracker

ReproTracker is an in vitro assay to visualise the key events during early embryonic development and thereby reliably assess the potential developmental toxicity hazards of new drugs and products. ReproTracker meets the strong demand from industry for better in vitro tests to predict human health hazards of their products during the early phases of product development. The assay is build on the technical and scientific background that has been developed by Toxys. We will combine our expertise on stem cell differentiation with the reporter technology that was applied in our ToxTracker assay and generate the ReproTracker reporter system that can identify developmental toxicity upon exposure to novel drugs, chemicals and materials.

About EIT Health

Toxys was awarded the head-start project from EIT Health, which is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe. EIT Health is leveraging the expertise of more than 130 leading organisations spanning key areas of healthcare such as Pharma, MedTech, Payers, Research Institutions and Universities. Chosen by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to form EIT Health, the consortium offers best-in-class research capabilities, higher education and business expertise. With a budget of 2 billion EUR over the next decade, it will purposefully invest in Europe’s best entrepreneurial talents and creative minds to foster the development and commercialisation of smart product and service solutions in the health sector, addressing the challenges imposed by demographic change and ageing societies.