MIMETAS receives second Innovation Credit

MIMETAS has received a second Innovation Credit of 2 million euro during the visit of the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK). MIMETAS uses this support for the further development of personalized medicine: for example a tool that helps the oncologist in choosing the most effective treatment of different cancers. Such a tool will save the health care sector costs and the patient will have fewer side effects of ineffective treatment.

Partly thanks to the government support through the Eurostar program and the Innovation Credit, the company grew from 2 to over 50 employees. MIMETAS also opened a branch in the US and the company entered into a new partnership with Japan. Co-director Jos Joore: “Medical innovations such as MIMETAS are not possible without support of the government.” 

More information:

You can read the full press release (in Dutch) here. Click here for more information about MIMETAS or visit www.mimetas.com.