JOHAN sebregts

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As a managing partner I focus on expanding the portfolio of our funds and supervising the investments. I get my greatest satisfaction from active involvement in our companies and making them become successful.


Through my experience as an entrepreneur and founder of the start-up program Starterslift I know very well what it takes to build up a successful company. With pleasure I try to transfer this knowledge to our portfolio companies. I am clear and direct in conveying my opinion and have a positive and critical attitude.


I studied Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam. After an interruption, due to setting up my own company, I eventually graduated in 2002.


I gain great pleasure building our funds and supporting our start-up companies. In my spare time I am an active cyclist and angler. I also enjoy watching sports and I am a loyal supporter of my son's football team. 


With the input of my knowledge and experience, I hope that the companies will minimise mistakes and make the right choices to realise their full growth potential.

I will have achieved my objective when the participations have optimally performed and the shareholders have received the desired output. 


In 1994, I founded Sebregts Fishing, a retailstore focusing on the sale of fishing equipment. I sold the shop in 2000, after which I took on the position as director of Ultimate Fishing, a leading wholesaler of fishing equipment.

I then started to work as a project manager for a regional development company where I developed the start-up program Starterslift. This program became independent in 2006 and until 2012 I had been its director.

In 2012 I founded Zeeuws InvesteringsFonds with eight other investors. Based on the success of this fund I have now founded KIKK Capital together with 12 other investors.