DOVIDEQ medical can make keyhole surgeries with endoscopes even safer by means of light cable tester

DOVIDEQ medical can make keyhole surgeries with endoscopes even safer by means of light cable tester

Partly thanks to the investment of PPM Oost, Deventer company is able to save on healthcare expenses in hospitals worldwide by means of ScopeControl and GuideControl

DOVIDEQ medical can now make keyhole surgeries with rigid endoscopes even safer for patients and save on healthcare expenses. In addition to the ScopeControl to inspect endoscopes, the Deventer company has now developed the GuideControl to test the accompanying light cables for possible flaws. Together with the Zeeuwse InvesteringsFonds, participation company PPM Oost invests in DOVIDEQ to sell both innovations internationally to more hospitals. 

Both test devices can be used by hospitals in the central sterile services department (CSSD). Here, all the instruments are cleaned, inspected and sterilised after surgery before the next use. The ScopeControl is the only test device in the world that inspects the optical quality of endoscopes for image clarity, colouration, light transmittance and viewing angles. The ScopeControl also tests for flaws, residual moisture and broken lenses. The GuideControl quickly and easily checks whether the light cables for the endoscopes still function properly. Without the ScopeControl and GuideControl, surgeons often only discover during surgery that the endoscope doesn't function properly.

Stopping surgeries

Failure of endoscopes leads to surgeries having to be stopped. 'Surgeons and hospitals would like to prevent that,' Bert Dommerholt, director'/owner of Dovideq, says. 'If an endoscope or light cable needs to be replaced, this results in extra costs on the one hand. Additionally, this brings risks for the patient. In acute situations, a surgeon is sometimes forced to decide to open up a patient after all, because there is simply no time to wait for a new endoscope. Thanks to the ScopeControl, we can guarantee with a high degree of certainty that the endoscope functions properly. By adding the GuideControl to this, surgeons also know that the light cables are in order.' 

Dommerholt, who has previously worked at Philips Medical, started the development of the ScopeControl in 2009 together with Menno de Braak, after he'd been approached by hospital St Jansdal in Harderwijk to develop a device that could test endoscopes.

Worldwide sale

The ScopeControl has now been available for a few years and is already used in hospitals from the United States to Australia, in small numbers. The GuideControl has only recently been launched, but the interest of hospitals from all over the world is extensive.  

With the investment of PPM Oost and the Zeeuws InvesteringsFonds, DOVIDEQ  can continue the further development of the GuideControl on the one hand. Additionally, the marketing and sales team is expanded to sell both the light cable tester and the ScopeControl. Dommerholt: 'We receive many glowing reviews from surgeons all over the world. However, the sales processes often take long due to the complicated decision-making at hospitals. We also use the financing to get our devices into operating rooms more quickly via rental, for instance. This allows us to truly make a difference for more patients and demonstrably lower the expenses of more hospitals.' 

Standard endoscopes

DOVIDEQ has expanded its service by gathering the measurement data from the ScopeControl and the GuideControl in the cloud and making this available to the hospitals. No standards apply to endoscopes and the optical values are kept secret by the endoscope manufacturers. By gathering the data of new and used endoscopes worldwide, DOVIDEQ expects to be able to set a standard for endoscopes. 

Toxys awarded € 50.000 euro by EIT Health to develop ReproTracker - an in vitro assay for reproductive toxicity

Toxys awarded € 50.000 euro by EIT Health to develop ReproTracker - an in vitro assay for reproductive toxicity

At 21 september Toxys was awarded a €50.000 grant for a head-start project to further develop the ReproTracker. Toxys is dedicated to develop innovative in vitro toxicity assays that provide insight into the mechanisms of toxicity. Toxys’ lead product ToxTracker is a genotoxicity assay that provides mechanistic insight into genotoxicity and is available on the market. Toxys has now applied their knowledge and expertise to validate a novel assay, ReproTracker, which provides mechanistic insight into reproductive toxicity.

About ReproTracker

ReproTracker is an in vitro assay to visualise the key events during early embryonic development and thereby reliably assess the potential developmental toxicity hazards of new drugs and products. ReproTracker meets the strong demand from industry for better in vitro tests to predict human health hazards of their products during the early phases of product development. The assay is build on the technical and scientific background that has been developed by Toxys. We will combine our expertise on stem cell differentiation with the reporter technology that was applied in our ToxTracker assay and generate the ReproTracker reporter system that can identify developmental toxicity upon exposure to novel drugs, chemicals and materials.

About EIT Health

Toxys was awarded the head-start project from EIT Health, which is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe. EIT Health is leveraging the expertise of more than 130 leading organisations spanning key areas of healthcare such as Pharma, MedTech, Payers, Research Institutions and Universities. Chosen by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to form EIT Health, the consortium offers best-in-class research capabilities, higher education and business expertise. With a budget of 2 billion EUR over the next decade, it will purposefully invest in Europe’s best entrepreneurial talents and creative minds to foster the development and commercialisation of smart product and service solutions in the health sector, addressing the challenges imposed by demographic change and ageing societies.


Jos Joore in final of 'ideas from Europe' 

Op March 31 was in the Ridderzaal in The Hague, the finale of ‘Ideas From Europe'. The international jury had invited the 10 most inspiring companies from Europe selected to speak. Jos Joore of Mimetas has represented Netherlands. Click here to view his presentation.

'Ideas from Europe'

"Ideas from Europe 'is the European quest for potentially successful innovative firms in partnership with governments, private partners and TEDx communities from the 28 EU Member States. The initiative of TEDxBinnenhof aims to show that the future of Europe lies in the hands of innovative entrepreneurs. By sharing their ideas among other things, they will encourage entrepreneurship in Europe.


Arnoud Snepvangers guest at BNR 'eyeopeners'

Arnoud Snepvangers of Eaglet Eye was on Tuesday, March 22, guest at BNR 'eye-openers', a radioshow on high-impact innovations. The program is presented by Meindert Schut. Arnoud tells extensively about the ESP and why one-side-fits-all is past history.


DOVIDEQ wins the Health Innovation Award

On the 17th of March, at the ‘Health Valley Event 2016’, the finale of the ‘Health Innovation Award 2016’ was held. From the 100 entries the 1000 attendees have chosen DOVIDEQ Medical as the winner. The price of € 15,000 was received by Bert Dommerholt of DOVIDEQ Medical.

Health Valley Event

The ‘Health Valley Event’ is a big annual conference in the field of healthcare innovation where over 60 e-health innovations can be seen.


Eaglet Eye raised €300.000 through crowdfunding

To strengthen the commercial team and for financing further international growth, Eaglet Eye launched a crowdfunding campaign on February 1st at ‘Collin Crowd Fund'. Successfully! Within 8 hours they raised the required capital of €300.000.