Patrick lems

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As an investment manager, I aim to be a sparring partner for entrepreneurs. I try to use my knowledge and experience in order to create value in the company without taking over control.


Because of my operational experience in business as well as my experience as an investment manager in venture capital and private equity, I can empathize with our start-up teams about all the different phases and situations that a company might go through. In addition, I can address my (inter)national network to contribute to our companies.


In 1992 I graduated from the HEAO in Business Economics. In January 1993 I started my career at Reggeborgh Beheer BV, the investment vehicle of the Wessels family where investments in various sectors rapidly succeeded each other, finally leading to an IPO (initial public offering).


Besides being busy with businesses and entrepreneurs my passion is running and football. I also love to travel, and the USA is one of my favorite holiday destinations. 


My goal is to enable both the shareholders of our funds as well as the entrepreneurs to realize growth that will lead to good returns for all parties involved. I also think it is very important that after our exit the company has a good growth perspective.


In 1993, I started  at Reggeborgh Beheer B.V., so I gained some experience with venture capital and private equity quite early. 

After eight years, I wanted to further develop myself, and I gained operational business experience by working, from 2001 to 2009, for Universal Electronics as a Senior Director of Finance & Accounting and VP Corporate Development & Finance. The company is listed on NASDAQ and is active in consumer electronics.

After that I returned to Reggeborgh as a Senior Investment Manager and in 2013, I founded my own company. I advise companies active in venture capital, mostly PPM Oost, where I was hired as a Senior Investment Advisor.